I’ve Made It!

Welcome to my first post! I’m elated to begin this new and exciting PROJECT!!

In this first entry, I’m going to go over the template I use to meal plan for the following week, the week before.

I have “Female Insomnia”. Also known as “the inability to fall asleep and sleep soundly for a full night because of constant thoughts, concerns, worries, ideas, etc.”. In other words… I’m a woman and we are CONstantly thinking. It’s unstoppable. HELP!!! I think of food continuously throughout my week. What I have planned to eat for later. What I’ll eat this weekend. What I’ll prep for next week. FOOD IS ALWAYS ON MY MIND. But not in an unhealthy way. In an adoration way =]. I naturally and constantly get excited to eat and explore new places and tastes. When I finally have time to meal plan for the week, my brain floods with ideas and I can’t control myself from looking at Pinterest or racking my brain for new and old favorites.

To make it easiest for me, since there’s not an easy app for it (dammit, I am determined to make one some day!), I begin with the following “template”:













This is the easiest way to plan out my meals. Since I make the grocery list and prepare for the week, it’s nice knowing what Beck likes and doesn’t like. He can’t stand mushrooms, raw tomatoes, or avocados (wtf) – three of my FAVORITE things. Erg. But, I digress. I know he doesn’t eat breakfast on the regular, as well as starting this new year, is trying a new diet to only eat [ALL THE CARBS] after his work out that’s in the late afternoon. That idea makes my face look like this: 😐 😐 😐. Anyways, in a way, this makes the planning much easier since the only meal we eat together during the week is dinner. I only have to plan for me! Staci, party of 1! Sounds depressing.

During the week, I usually always plan to have the same breakfast and lunch M-F. I don’t mind it, it makes my lunch at work easier and it saves on wasted money and groceries.

Before I meal prep, I like to either go through the kitchen (or in my head if I’m at the office) and see what food we already have to use up for the following week. This, also, saves on wasted money and groceries. After I list my menu, I already know what items I have at home to use and therefore list out the items I need to get at the grocery store (COSTCO).

I look at this process as a continuous lifestyle change, not just temporary eating habits! Stay tuned for a *complete* meal-plan template.

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