Date Night

Nothing is more exciting than DATE NIGHT! Well, date night with a GIFT CARD! However, when you’re trying to stick to a healthy “diet”, it does make things a little more difficult. Especially when you go to a gourmet PIZZA place. I just want all the carbs, is that so much to ask?! Beck and I had gotten a California Pizza Kitchen gift card from my parents for Christmas this year and he had never been…but I looooooooove CPK. Never had a bad meal there and we’re lucky there is one near us in Bellevue!

Tip: Looking at the menu online ahead of time (if it’s available) makes things 10x easier when it comes to deciding on your entree. I do not like to limit the variety of food I eat. If you want to indulge, I strongly believe you should. However, I’ve come to learn that how you portion it and the self-control it takes to stop yourself needs to be your #1 priority.

I, of course, wanted a crunchy pizza crust with cheese on cheese on cheese and mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni, artichokes, olives, crushed red pepper, etc…but when it comes to something like that, I knew I would eat way too much of it. My indulgence was a spicy Bloody Mary (I LIVE for them) and one chicken lettuce wrap for our appetizer. They came with 4 but I only “let” myself eat one. I had a large dinner coming! It’s also difficult to avoid taking a couple bites of Caesar salad while it’s sitting across from you, watching your date shoving it in their mouth at the speed of light. BUT this is where the self-control comes in. I made the right decision to order a “Lite Portion” on their calorie count menu (that’s another post). Those meals never disappoint! My entree was a grilled chicken breast with spicy chimichurri sauce and sauteed vegetables. As the menu says, “light on calories, but not on flavor” and that was for sure. The chicken was perfectly cut and cooked and the spicy sauce…I could have drank straight. It was delicious and still a shocker that it was only 460 calories. I love how eating a healthy, nutritional meal makes me feel! Of course I couldn’t help myself (not that I should) at taking a bite or two of Beck’s Chipotle chicken pizza (my favorite and usual). Who could resist the spicy sauce, black bean/corn salsa, and crunchy, raw jalapeno piled on that baby?! Whew. Excuse my lousy pictures on these first posts, I really am not bad at food photography or photography in general, but lighting in a restaurant…with an iPhone…that has a crummy case on it…causing the pictures to be even worse…is the culprit =].


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