An Unforgettable Weekend

The last two weekends have been ones for the books. It doesn’t get any better than best friends, drinks, and food. That’s the life!

Sushi, house party, wine tasting, house party, sleeping late, Valentine’s Day dinner AND Monday off for President’s Day!

IMG_4100 [89784]

IMG_4098 [89782] - Copy - Copy

IMG_1928 [95941]

IMG_4103 [89786] - Copy - Copy

IMG_4106 [89788]

IMG_4107 [89790] - Copy - Copy

IMG_4109 [89792]

IMG_4124 [89794] - Copy - Copy

IMG_4133 [89796]

IMG_4135 [89798] - Copy

IMG_4137 [89800]

 IMG_4141 [89804]

Life is pretty darn good right now.

Meal Plan for the upcoming week:


 blueberries, dark chocolate Cheerios, green tea


M-F: granola bar


M-F: mini bagel w/ cream cheese & smoked salmon, peaches, cherry tomatoes, snap pea crisps


M: Sriracha chicken, jasmine rice, steamed broccoli
T: chicken sausage w/ rice and sweet peppers
W: sun-dried tomato pasta w/ shrimp & zucchini
Th: Korean beef w/ rice & steamed broccoli
F: Out!


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