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What’s new in everyone’s world?! I’m preparing to head back to KC this coming weekend! One of my best friends since 2nd grade had her baby in January and I finally get to meet her! Ellinor Grace – sooo beautiful. I, of course, also get to see those other dozen people that mean the world to me including my sweet love/nephew Atlas! He started walking just a month, or so, ago and I haven’t gotten to see him do it in person! I CANNOT wait. He’s also eating like a horse! Growing boy.

Segue into my next topic…do any of you have kids ages 3-4 that do not eat anything during the day? At my school, most kids will eat a small portion of their snacks at snack times…but will refuse to eat any of their lunch at lunch. We have an early morning snack, lunch, and then a late afternoon snack after nap time. Snacks are usually some kind of fresh fruit like bananas, oranges, pears (their favorite) and/or string cheese, goldfish, yogurt, wheat thins, cereal bars, etc. The tiniest and youngest kids in the class are the ones that eat the most but every other kid, especially at lunch, will not even touch their food. I suppose it’s because we have lunches delivered from a company called Fare Start and it’s not something from home that they prefer or even want to give a try. Us teachers always have a small portion because it’s usually really good! BBQ chicken, beef stew, mac & cheese, black bean and cheese quesadillas, etc. We often insist that they eat some of their food before they leave the table, but they absolutely refuse to. TONS and tons of food goes into the trash at lunch time and it physically pains me to know how much is going to waste. If it wasn’t weird,I’d take a container and bring what’s left after lunch (that wasn’t served, obvi) and bring it home.

One of my worst pet peeves is food being wasted. Aside from the fact that they’re unnecessary, that’s probably a huge reason why I never go to buffets anymore. I always take my leftovers home (AND eat them) even if it’s just a 1/4 of sandwich and 6 french fries. I do not throw food away. Aghhhhhh I wish it didn’t bother me so much.

Aside from that rant — this weekend has been great!!! I discovered this place, called Train Wreck, about an hour and 20 minutes north of us, has THESE bloody marys:





Have you EVER seen something so magnificent?! It was one of the happiest food and bloody mary days of my life. $18.99 gets their “Breakfast Mary” with jalapeno vodka and a house made mix (both excellent in depth of flavor and spiceness. Not too thick, not too thin). Garnished with 2 homemade biscuit breakfast sandwiches, potatoes wrapped in bacon, breakfast sausage meatballs, salami, ham, white cheddar, olives, peppers, cucumber, celery, carrots, and green onion. If this place wasn’t this far away…I’d insist we go to every single weekend. Our server let us know that it’d take 10 minutes since things have to be cooked. The kitchen brought out all the goods on a plate and we oogled at the masterpiece while she put it together.



Cream cheese and bacon wrapped jalapenos with a strawberry chili dipping sauce!


And Beck ordered the elk burger with a fried egg that is now making my mouth water all over again.

Today, we made breakfast burritos before I spent the entire afternoon cleaning my life away!



Scrambled eggs with turkey breakfast sausage (MUCH better than plain ground turkey. woof), scrambled eggs, and sweet peppers!

It felt soooo good to organize our freezer, too, and make a list of everything we have in there so it’s easy to meal plan the next time around! I always knew the main things that we had in there, but it’s nice to know exactly so I can use it all up.



And of course…the crock pot was cooking away all day withhhhhhh MISSISSIPPI ROAST!


This week is an easy one comin’ up since I head back to the Midwest on Friday morning!

So glad to be back! xoxo,


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3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. My boys are very, very picky! They will eat fruit galore at mealtimes, but beyond that, they don’t touch the main dinner entree all that often. I’m hoping it’s a phase so we continue to give them whatever it is that we eat. HOWEVER, our daycare provider tells us they eat everything at daycare (meat, veggies, you name it!), so I’m surprised more of your preschoolers don’t eat more just out of peer pressure.

    1. Interesting?! Some of the kids that eat absolutely nothing during the day…their parents tell us they hardly eat at home, too. Hopefully it is just a phase but at 3-6 I don’t think I was passing up many chances to eat almost any and everything?! I don’t ever remember passing up food. I especially never ate only my fruit over a main entree. I think they’ll get over it!

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