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Hi! My name is Staci and I am Miss Bloody Mary. I’ve been known to order one… or three at packed dance clubs… at 11 pm. Bloodies are an every day, all day, every night, all night drink and they always makes me HAPPY! It’s the simple things in life =].

I’ve started my blog in order to share my cooking tips, recipes, LOVE for Bloody Marys, and love for LIFE and fun with anyone who cares to laugh! Because, of course, I’m hilarious. I’m a Bloody Mary-drinking, food-adoring, wine-needing, word-loving, punching bag-beating, Jayhawk-cheering, Keith Urban-obsessing lover of life. Nothing matters more to me than the love, health, and safety of my friends and family (besides food). I’m a born and raised Kansas girl…but my Midwest heart has been transplanted into the Pacific Northwest and I’m currently a resident of the Seattle, WA area.

I have always loved food and have always loved to write. I never had the push to do something like start a blog until just recently. The smile on my face and my relocation to Washington is all thanks to this special man.

I’ve known Beck for many years, partying with him on and off when he would come up to KU to visit mutual friends. He moved here to Washington from Kansas City in 2013 to follow his career. It wasn’t until March of 2014 when he came back to visit friends and family, that our paths crossed again. We spent the next couple of months admiring each other from 2,000 miles away and taking turns visiting. Throughout this time, I made a major (but very well thought-out) plan to begin a new and exciting life with him in Seattle…a place I had never been (before visiting him) or ever imagined myself ending up. After praying on it, having arguments with myself, and dealing with immense skepticism and heartbreak (but also endless support) from friends and family for my determination, I took a MAJOR leap of faith and moved out here Labor Day weekend of 2014. The experience, thus far, has been challenging (in the expected ways) but also surreal and eye opening. I’m loving all aspects of our time in the PNW!

My view on food/eating: I struggle a lot of times to eat healthy (just like anybody) but I always try my best. I also believe, however, that you should not limit yourself when it comes to your palate or food preferences. Life is too short! If you want the Snickers ice cream bar or corn dog at the county fair, have it. Don’t panic afterward. As long as those kinds of treats are just that…treats, and are not part of your daily diet or routine, then a guilty conscience over something that silly is so unnecessary. Make it a top priority to eat healthy but you MUST treat yourself. LIVE A LITTLE! Better yet… a LOT!

Enjoy reading about my life and my love for all things FOOD and ALL things bloody! Bloody Mary, that is.

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