Caffe Lieto’s The Biscuit Bitch

Ever since I moved out here, I ‘ve wanted to brunch at the Biscuit Bitch. Come on, who WOULDN’T want to eat at a place that has “bitch” in the title of every menu item?! Sounds FUN to me…bitch.


Before Nanny, Jackie, and my mom all helped me move out here, and since Nanny and Jackie love food as much as I do, we were looking up fun places that we could try once we made it to Seattle and we came across the Biscuit Bitch. We never made it there so today I was so excited to finally give it a try!

It’s so tiny and hipster; perfect in the Seattle scene. It was just what we wanted.


These are fluffy homemade biscuits covered in goodness like sausage gravy, garlic grits, gooey cheese, eggs, etc. Beck, my friend Michael, and I got The Smokin’ Hot Bitch that came with a spicy sausage link and pickled jalapeƱos on top and Melissa got the Gritty, Hot, Cheesy Bitch covered in crispy bacon.

image image

Ohhhh yeah. EXACTLY what you will want after a night of heavy drinking (not that that is what we did..). I could bathe in that gravy and eat that greasy deliciousness all day long. SO flavorful and savory. Obviously nothing you want to eat every day…but I SO could. So filling and PERFECT for our day of walking around the market!

Beck wasn’t a super big fan of his citrus-infused mocha (why did he get that anyway?), but the staff was fun, my orange juice was tangy, the biscuits were baked FRESH, and the atmosphere was stupendous.

The Biscuit Bitch: 9.5/10

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