Goldberg’s Famous Delicatessen

I had heard marvelous things about this place from a coworker who could just not stop raving about it! It’s been on my list for over 2 months. Saturday, we ran our usual errands and I knew I finally wanted to try this place out! It’s in the mall in Factoria, WA and it has a really neat vibe inside! Kind of retro, kind of modern… a perfect atmosphere for a relaxed weekend brunch. They’re a Jewish deli, so their specialties are things like matzo ball soup and corned beef/pastrami sandwiches. IF we hadn’t just had corned beef 3/5 nights this week then I would have DEFinitely gotten one of those bad boys.

Goldberg’s has brunch cocktails, as well, and no…I didn’t get a mimosa. Teehee.

photo 3

This Bloody Mary was a joke. Very sad when this drink is what I look forward to ALL the time. Falling asleep. In my dreams. In the middle of a work out. A Bloody Mary is ALWAYS on my mind. Anyways, I don’t like celery, so it’s a bummer when it’s included as a garnish and yes I’m aware that it’s standard. BUT, one olive?! I need at least 3. and a piece of bacon. and a prawn. and pickled asparagus. and a chicken wing. and a burger. and a Philly cheese steak. and a full Thanksgiving smorgasbord. But…this was basically just unsalted vegetable juice with some vodka in it. I even had to add salt, pepper, and Tabasco. STILL not helping it. *big fat bummer*. I honestly should have told them to take it back BUT it was a “Bloody Mary” nonetheless and I still slurped it up. I will not be getting it again, that’s for sure.

I opted for the Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad (semi-healthy-ishhhh?) while Beck got Eggs Benedict with hash browns and a side of pancakes. I would have gotten that also but I had just made Eggs Benedict for our anniversary last weekend, and I gotta spread out the flavors! I LOVE Eggs Benny but I needed to try something else this time! I ALSO dislike ordering the same thing as someone else I’m with. Where is the fun in that?! Especially at a new place. If I pick something…and then Beck says “Oh yeah, that sounds good, I’m gonna get that!” UGH I have to change my order. I just do. EH EM, Beck enjoyed the eggs but to my surprise, he said mine was better. WHOA, I’ll take it! He loved his pancakes, though. My Cobb salad was like any other Cobb salad, ranch, hard-boiled egg, bacon, etc. I just love a *nice salad* with toppings galore. A salad could have a single piece of lettuce and then be covered in TOPPINGS and that’s all I care about. Give me all the bacon, egg, cheese, crunchy Chinese noodles, chickpeas, mushrooms, ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!! Eff the actual salad. I just. Want. The toppings.

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Service was not bad/not exceptional and the food didn’t BLOW us away, so all in all, Goldberg’s was a below average brunch/lunch choice for this average Saturday.

Goldberg’s Famous Delicatessen: 6/10

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