Herfy’s Family Restaurant

I have dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeams about Herfy’s Family Restaurant. I’d eat there every day if I my body allowed me to. I plan A WEEK AHEAD when we can go there on Friday night and think about it ALL week. It’s painful.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT pay attention to any of the ridiculous reviews on Yelp. These are from LONG ago when the Herfy’s in Issaquah was under different management/ownership and it is now burger/Teriyaki/fish and chips heaven. WE KNOW!

Beck always starts out with a double rum and coke, tall and me…well, duh. A Bloody Mary which is so basic and simple that it’s fanTAStic!

We go here for our burger cravings AND our fish and chips cravings. The absolute BEST burgers in the Seattle area and besides the Westport Flea Market in Kansas City, MO…probably the best burger ANYwhere. Beck eats his in approximately 30 seconds while I come in at a close 35. It’s the same with their fried cod and curly fries. I just can’t get enough of this place. The fried cod is just salty, crispy, fresh, buttery, DREAMY! So rich and so perfect. Their tartar sauce is spicy and creamy and slurp-able and I just wanna dunk my head in a tub of it. The sourdough onion burger that Beck gets is gooey, meaty, and fresh. I always get the mushroom burger and add jalapenos. It comes with an ABUNDANCE of both. It drips everywhere and falls apart and I do everything possible to get every last, greasy crumb into my mouth. Ranch, fry sauce, and Sriracha are all used to dip our curly fries in, too. We leave here happy and satisfied EVERY time we go.

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They are NEVER busy which is a SHAME! Everyone needs to know about this gem of a joint and they need to become regulars. Fast service, too! A single burger (your choice of over, like, 15 burgers) for $5.89 and a double for $7.89? AND it comes with fries?! HELLO?! Plus, endless choices of sides, fish/shrimp/oyster baskets, salads, TERIYAKI, and more! They have it all.

Since our most recent trip we got burgers, this coming Friday (YAY) I am set on fish and chips. Pictures coming of those, soon!

Herfy’s has great prices and food that will KEEP you coming back!

Herfy’s Family Restaurant: 10/10

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