Issaquah Brewhouse/Rogue Brewery

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Atmosphere: 1.5/2
Service: 2/3

Food: 5/5

Total: 8.5/10

If only it were so easy to try a new AND local AND fabulous restaurant every Friday night! Beck has lived in Issaquah for almost two years and my one year of living here is right around the corner. WOW, where did time go??? I cannot believe it’s almost Labor Day again. Wasn’t I just making bad decisions at KC P&L District yesterday? Anywho, I’ve wanted to try the Issaquah Brewhouse for as long as I’ve known about it and seen it. Each week, I try to rack the list in my brain for places I’ve seen that I want to try and places that we know nothing about. It was finally time for us to give this local joint a go!

My coworkers and boss are longtime locals and when I asked for their opinion on the brewhouse, it was a ho hum of “it’s not bad…it’s okay…sometimes it’s good…ehhh” WHICH IS IT? I must know what to expect =]. Although, I don’t always go by the opinion of other people or by those (sometimes) silly reviews on Yelp!*. I like to judge for myself and if I was warned ahead of time that somewhere wasn’t good…well, at least I know for myself.

Our friend, Aaron, got off of work early and joined us for our late Friday din din. The place was bustling and we patiently waited our 10 minutes to be seated. People looked to really be enjoying themselves and enjoying their food and drinks. I really could have done without the moss-green, pool table surface looking “carpet”. One of those “carpets” that looks like it’s been there since 1985 and can only be swept by those quick, rolling restaurant vacuums and not actually cleaned? Yikes. Really not appetizing to look at. Someone call Robert Irvine on that note. But just for that “carpet” mess!

Our server came up almost right away and took our drink orders. She was very knowledgeable about recommending the proper beer Beck was describing and also Aaron. Beck got an American Amber Ale, Aaron got an Irish Lager, and I didn’t feel like anything…JK! What I get for my first drink order at ANY new place (and any place that’s not new…) should never come as a surprise.


This one did not disappoint. The mix was mildly thick with a subtle kick and a heavily salted rim – my FAV! The garnish could’ve been improved but that’s not important when you order SCOTCH EGGS as an appetizer. I’ll also add that this was our first time trying them, too. Why have I not had a dish that has a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage, wrapped in breading, deep fried, and then dipped in spicy, Wasabi mustard? I almost feel as though I should ask for forgiveness for NEVER treating myself to these. Eggs. Sausage. Breading. Fried. You can’t go wrong. You just can’t. In college, I used to always say that the millisecond a Smirnoff Ice touched my lips, my brain and stomach instantly thought “Where’s the Jimmy John’s…?”. The two went hand in hand. My new craving will now be Scotch eggs. I can guarantee that. My NEW obsession in the food world and surprisingly, Beck’s too! Hooray!!!


Beck ordered the Halibut Fish and Chips Special, Aaron ordered the Smokestack Burger, and I ordered the Grilled Salmon Burger. Come to mama!!! It’s safe to say that I have an obsession with all things salmon. Like Fiona in A Cinderella Story. Yeah, I’m her.

“Sam? Some little rat got into my salmon, and ate it all! I need more salmon! And pick up my dry cleaning. And wash the Jag!”

and Ross’ “pink shirt” – “It’s SALMON!”

Unfortunately, we waited wayyyyy too long for our food. All of us kept looking around multiple times for it to come out and to no avail, it never seemed to get to us and our server didn’t even communicate with us what was taking so long or how much longer it’d be. We were just left to wonder. 40 minutes later, our food gets delivered and I will say…it was worth the wait. Beck proclaimed that his halibut and chips…were the best he has ever had. Ever. And we’ve had some good fish and chips. We do, after all, live in the PNW!

IMG_0718 IMG_0721 IMG_0720

His fish were battered in an herbed Rogue Farms Good Chit Pilsner coating and deep fried light and crispy brown. I wish I got more than one bite. But by the time Aaron and I took one bite of our sandwiches… Beck was eating the last french fry on his plate. The kid can eat. No one understands where he puts all of it. I’ve given up trying to understand how he can eat a full Thanksgiving dinner, then a handful of grapes, then a protein bar, then a bowl of ice cream, then pb&j sandwich, then…you get the idea.

Aaron was a huge fan of his 1/4 lb. burger loaded with bacon, white cheddar, house smoked pulled pork. Whoa, BABY! My grilled salmon burger came out with an enormous piece of Pacific Northwest salmon and a gargantuan pile of tater tots. The lemon-dill aioli just set it off. Our entrees plus my bloody plus the scotch eggs, all = WOW^10. That means wow to the 10th power (10x10x10x10…etc.) whoa, I remember one useless thing from senior year algebra. Dinner was stupendous. We’ll just go with that.

We definitely recommend Issaquah Brewhouse/Rogue Brewery for anyone in the Issaquah area. We can’t WAIT to go back!

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