Nine-O Bar & Grill

For some reason, ever since I first visited this area last May, I have seen this restaurant off the highway in the Silver Cloud Hotel and have always wanted to give it a try. It’s also one of the restaurants that’s on the list for Beck’s Prime Card! Buy one entree get one free.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect so we sat outside on the patio. It took quite a while to be noticed by the staff but we were pleasantly surprised at how excellent the service turned out to be. Our waiter, Mario, sounded like he was from a far off land like Ireland or Scotland (I can never tell the difference between those two accents). He was so polite and friendly and Beck even said he made him feel “superior” to him with all the “very good, miss!” and “Thank you, sir!”s.

Our usual drinks of a double, tall rum and coke and this beauty were ordered:


That garnish. Get ouuuuuuutta here. Pickled asparagus, green beans, a cornichon (baby pickle, that word is just fancier so I LIKE IT! Thanks, Chopped and Alex Guarnaschelli!), a pearl onion (yuck) and a big green olive. The fancier the better, right? Right. This was one delicious bloody, though. I had TWO. Not needed but…of course needed.

We made it just in time for the end of happy hour, so Beck ordered a spicy chicken and cheese quesadilla. It was so basic but it was so delicious! A crispy/better quality Taco Bell chicken quesadilla (hey, I love those). This was just YUMMY.


As for our entrees, I have been dying for a quality BLT or Club Sandwich these last couple of weeks, so I HAD to order one. Traditional turkey club with Applewood smoked ham, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato layered with avocado mayonnaise on toasted sourdough bread. It was huge and DELICIOUS! These fries were crispy and salty, too. Their house-made ranch was the perfect addition in which to dip both my sandwich and fries.


Beck ordered the macaroni and cheese with a side Caesar salad for his dinner. The salad being just “okay” and macaroni being delicious. Piping hot with bacon, creamy Cheddar, Jack and Fontina cheeses, with the slight background flavor of mild, red peppers was delicious. I used what was left of the cheese sauce to dip my remaining fries.



Beck thought our entire Nine-O Bar & Grill experience to be “okay” and that he “may come back here again” He wasn’t thrilled with the quality compared to the prices, either. However, I’d come back here for the Bloody Mary and the sandwich for sure! I thought it was delicious and coupled with the great service, I’d give

Nine-O Bar & Grill: 8/10


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