“That okay…I make lamb.”

We at it agaaaaaaainnnnnnn.

After going to our usual Friday night feast last week (post about it coming up in the next couple of weeks), since we are still “new” to Seattle, we explored the little area around our dinner joint. I had no idea there were all these cute and fun little shops and restaurants! It’s an area called Gilman Village and it couldn’t be more quaint and inviting. While exploring, we came across a delicious-looking restaurant called Tantalus – A Greek Bistro. We decided we’d come back to try it this week! My excitement has progressed ALL DAY =D. I’ve also been known to eat an entire spool of gyro meat in one sitting (ish). I could eat it for dessert. In the middle of the night. After eating a full Thanksgiving dinner. The point is, no meat (not even bacon) tops the salty, semi-gamey, chewy, spicy, beef & lamb “mixture”. You know that alarm clock that cooks bacon and wakes you up with the smell of greasy bacon molecules seeping through the air into your nasal passage? I’d rather have an alarm that cooks gyro meat. And then serves it up on freshly grilled pita bread with tzatziki. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Now that I’ve sufficiently explained my love for this Greek “delicacy”, it’s always disappointing when the new Greek restaurant you visit, isn’t up to par with what you’re used to =[ *eh em, The Mad Greek*.

It’s always a mood killer when you have a seemingly inexperienced and awkward teenager for a server. But when it comes to the food, Beck and I would rate this place a 6/10. I ordered the gyro entree (duh) and Beck ordered keftedes (Greek meatballs). Our dinners both came with soup, and we both got avgolemono (egg-lemon soup). That was actually delicious and reminded me of one of my all-time FAVORITE foods, egg-drop soup. I also love lemon, so an eggy-lemony-chicken-brothy soup was just what I needed!

We each got mixed vegetables, too, which included lemony potatoes, broccoli, and zuchinni. Sadly, all were cold =/. Beck’s keftedes were chewy and seemingly under-cooked…covered in a weak-seasoned marinara sauce. Even after ordering my gyro with “no onion” it arrived with PLENTY of it that I had to tediously remove (dramatic, much). I sadly (except not?) have had fast food/food truck gyros that were more pleasing than this one, though. I’ve never seen so little (and overcooked, at that) slices of gyro meat on an overwhelmingly large pita. All was edible at Tantalus but unfortunately, it did not win our interest or adoration.

“Why you want to leeeave me???”…because you’re not very good.


Not too appetizing looking, I know =[ =[

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Sunday Feasting Part 1

I love Sundays…but hate them at the same time. It exists solely to remind us that the weekend is over and tomorrow is Monday…meh. But I try not to dwell on it. Because Sunday is also meal prep/feasting day! A great combination. It’s usually a morning when Beck and I make some kind of simple breakfast…our favorite being scrambled eggs and chorizo. Mine with LOTS of Tabasco! Yummmmmmmmmm. But my recent obsession with The Pioneer Woman got me searching her breakfast recipes for simple ideas. I knew we had bread and eggs, but what was something “fun” we could do with them…?

EGG IN A HOLE! Plus bacon, bacon, and more bacon, mmm.

So simple yet so satisfying. Who doesn’t want the traditional breakfast of eggs…toast…and bacon?! No one.

photo 1Egg in a Hole

After breakfast, if I don’t get distracted and tune into the zillions of Shark Tank episodes we have recorded, I get my week day meal-prep knocked out.

Lunch for this week is:

  • Veggie Straws
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • Fruit (peaches or blackberries)
  • Half a turkey/cheese/lettuce/tomato/whole grain mustard sandwich on whole wheat bread

photo 3

When I am making something like a wrap or sandwich for my week day lunches, I never put them together as I’m prepping. This may seem even more time consuming, but it’s necessary to me in order to not have a soggy glob of tomatoes, lettuce, bread, etc. What an unpleasant mess. I’m always sure to have at least one serving of fruit in my breakfasts and lunches during the week along with a good amount of protein. Such a satisfying variety!

Sunday nights are when I usually make a big pot of soup or greasy/cheesy/fatty/salty casserole for dinner, and that way, we have dinner leftovers for 2 or 3 nights of the week! Last Sunday, I made Ina Garten’s roasted tomato-basil soup and it was to die for. I could have eaten it with a spoon………..wait. But one of Beck’s favorites is his mom’s spicy potato soup. Now, I could have easily asked her for the recipe…but I can’t compare to her, obviously. My attempt to even try would be an easy fail! However, the next closest thing to perfection has to be Ree Drummond’s potato soup, right? RIGHT?

photo 1 (1)                      photo 2 (1)Pioneer Woman Spicy Potato Soup

Ohhhhhh so exquisite and creamy and healthy and……okay not healthy. But delicious and excellent for week night dinners. Beck insisted on some form of protein and since this soup called for Cajun spice, I knew I wanted to add spicy Andouille sausage! MMM!!! But that was until I couldn’t find it in the grocery =/. Big fat bummer.

The next best… okay, healthier alternative, was a big piece of turkey polska-kielbsasa! [Almost] just as delicious and made the soup even heartier!

photo 3 (1)And yes, I realize an elementary school lunch lady in between the 2nd and 3rd grade “lunch rush” could take better pictures of day old school food. But give me a “learning” break =]. I DO THE BEST I CAN, YA KNOW? K thanks, xoxoxo

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