It’s so much easier to stick with what you love and with what you’re comfortable. But it’s also fun to try new things! Our recent kick is a “trying new restaurants” kick. Go outside of our bubble!

We were determined to have Mexican is Friday night but the place we like to go had a 45 minute wait. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We needed food NOW! Another place I had mentioned earlier in the day is a family restaurant that has a similar look to Cheddar’s or Outback Steakhouse.

As we walked in Pogacha’s, the bar area reminded me of something similar to a Red Lobster. Laid back and lots of people enjoying their food and drink! The seating hostess led us through a nice, although outdated dining area, to a strangely laid out back dining area. It was obvious that it was an add on to the building to make extra table room. The lighting in this room was not pleasant. A shadow was cast on the menu, making it difficult to read. Also, when it came to taking pictures of our entrees, this ugly silhouette was not in my favor, either.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with the rest of the evening! Beck ordered his usual double rum & coke, and I, my spicy Bloody Mary. I must say it was excellent! The perfect spice level, course salt covering the rim, thick consistency. I slurped it right up.


(see what I mean about the lighting?…EW)

Our waitress was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, specials, and the couple of questions we had. We were served two fluffy (and delicious) rolls before we ordered, with a lemony/olive oil/balsamic vinegar to dip them in. It was DIVINE!

For my entree, I ordered the Chicken Piccata with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Beck ordered the Cheesy Chicken & Bacon Macaroni (family portion….expecting to eat all of it).

Mine was VERY delicious. Potatoes were excellent and flavored just right with the salt and garlic.

My chicken breast was butterflied and cut in half, perfectly tenderized. This chicken piccata was not breaded (like customary), but was lightly cooked and covered in salty capers and artichoke hearts. Draped with a lemon juice and white wine reduction. After the reduction is when butter is added in to thicken the sauce. I’d eat that again!


Though, to our dismay, Beck’s main course wasn’t all that satisfying :/. I KNOW, I KNOW…how can you go wrong with pasta. and bacon. and chicken. and CHEESE??? But believe it or not, there was TOO much bacon. Omggggg not even possible, right?! But…we came to see, that apparently, the chefs had cooked the pasta, then added the chicken, UNcooked bacon, and finished with the cheese. Everything in the dish had been cooked in and was dripping in the bacon grease. We ordered macaroni with bacon. Not bacon with macaroni?! It was edible, but not good enough for the high price we paid for it, or for the flavor!


Evening Disappointments:

  • The ambiance, lighting, carpet, etc. were all outdated and needed sprucing up.
  • My vegetables were cold. Brrr.
  • You could not taste the cheese in the “Macaroni and Cheese” because of the overload of bacon grease that came with it. MEH.
  • Quite expensive when not expected…oops.

Evening Highlights:

  • We could have drank the lemon-balsamic vinegar .
  • My Blood Mary was yummmmmm.
  • The Chicken Piccata was superb.
  • Beck has a coupon card that comes with his job, called the PRIME card. There are dozens of restaurants around the Seattle area that honor it and in most cases, meals are usually BOGO. We’ll definitely be back for this deal! (ordering something other than the macaroni…)

Lesson of the night: There is a such thing as too much bacon [grease] (when not expected, of course).

Pogacha’s: 7.5/10

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