Ricardo’s Family Mexican Restaurant

I’ve been dying for Mexican food all week!!! I didn’t want our usual close-to-home spot, and my favorite place to go is too far away/inconvenient. This waa the perfect time to time to try something new! I Google searched for a close Mexican restaurant with good reviews and came across Ricardo’s Family Mexican Restaurant.

The outside of Ricardo’s looks very run down. Like one of those buildings that used to be a hot spot but somehow got left behind in the excitement of new and upcoming things? We were greeted and seated promptly upon arrival, noticing the fresh and doughy tortillas being made at a station by the front entrance. Our server stepped right up and we ordered margaritas. We were both certain that our server wouldn’t get them right. He repeated both of ours back to each of us twice and had it wrong every time. “You want on the rocks with salt?” “No, on the rocks without salt…” “You want a 12 oz. without salt on the rocks?” “No, a 6 oz. with salt on the rocks..” Somehow he did get them both right…


There were so many options on their menu, it was almost impossible to choose. I had chile verde on the brain and I could not find it on the menu. So I took the chance and asked about it. Praise the heavens!!! I had the best chile verde I’ve ever had, on the brain. From El Mezcal in Lawrence, KS. It is so spicy and flavorful. A favorite Mexican dish for SURE. The leftovers were even better 😍. Anyways. This chile verde was subpar. The green chile sauce was basically flavorless and the pork was in chunks, not shredded how I like. I’ve also been dreaming about Spanish rice and beans for a good month, and finally got my fix. Mmmmm frijoles.


Beck ordered the fajita burrito and strangely, all the fajita fixins’ (onions and peppers) were on the side of the burrito with only the rice, beans, and steak wrapped inside. He was befuddled over this occurrence.


He did say it was delicious, though! Side note: Beck is a strange creature. He does not like avocados, hence, he does not like guacamole. He’s from another planet bc no normal person doesn’t like something as beautiful and buttery and delicious as an avocado. While I’m on the subject of his foodie dislikes, he also avoids raw tomatoes and any type of mushroom at all costs. 3 of my most favorite things and he refuses to give them a chance. *insert sad face and violin music*. He is forever instructed to order his guacamole or avocado slices on the side so I can endulge SINCE HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S GOOD!!! I’m not bitter about it or anything.


The salsa was decent and the chips were okay. But the real winner from tonight was those fresh tortillas we saw being made by the front door. I believe I sang their praises about 60x throughout our meal. They were just beyond amazing. I’d put one in between 2 others and have a 3 layer tortilla sandwich. Load up on all the carbs at once. I even asked for a few extra to go…HEY they make them by the truckload? They can spare a few for a little foodie fatty like me.

The atmosphere and cleanliness from what we could see, was decent. Nothing great, nothing terrible.

I’d give Ricardo’s a 6.5 out of 10. I’d go back SOLELY for a meal of a pile of those tortillas. I’ve had much better Mexican food (obviously, KC is my homeland), but I’m glad we gave Ricardo’s a chance.

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