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Even thought we eat Thai and Vietnamese on a regular basis, it’s always nice to have some good, ol’ Chinese on a Friday night!

Beck had been hearing from his coworkers to go Shanghai Garden in downtown Issaquah if you’re looking for the best. A quiet and clean atmosphere, Shanghai was a perfect date spot! Also…they had BLOODY MARYS! What Chinese restaurant has Bloody Marys? NOT ANY THAT I KNOW OF!

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My two loves. Green tea and a spicy bloody.

It was actually quite delicious. Spicy and peppery, the burn felt so good. I don’t care if that’s weird. [screw you guys, I hate high school] spice and heat = flavor to me. NOM!

As I do many times, I looked ahead at their menu to make sure I didn’t make an extremely unhealthy meal choice. On the days I don’t/can’t make it to the gym, I always try my hardest to eat extra healthy/extra light. My entree was Combination Brown Fried Rice. Yes lots of carbs but GOOD ONES. This brown rice is the real deal. Not that fake stuff that Chipotle uses and claims to be “brown rice”. This is the grainy, textured, delicious rice that you should be eating.

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There is truly no way that anything could be flavorless but I think that it is. However, Beck just so happened to think the rice itself was a little bland, whereas I thought it was seasoned perfectly. Interesting how that happens. When I am the salt queen. Salt Queen*. The rice came with beef, chicken, and shrimp. Tossed with egg, corn, peas, and a little extra soy sauce. Sadly, the rice had these delicious meats but came with only 2 shrimp. *unhappy face*.

This restaurant has hand-shaven noodles, too, that Beck has been dying to try. But he didn’t even get any? Huhhhhh. He chose the Mongolian Beef and boy oh boy was it YUM!

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I have no idea what those little, white, crunchy noodles below are…that come with a lot of Asian dishes or on top of salads. They’re basically flavorless but for some reason are so good?! It makes no sense. Whatev. The green onions and chili peppers added a delish spice to the tender, chewy, soy and ginger coated beef. We’d get that again!

Evening Disappointments:

  • Beck wasn’t impressed with the fried rice, although I enjoyed it (but have had better)
  • Fried rice only came with two shrimp

Evening Highlights:

  • Service was prompt
  • Atmosphere was quiet and relaxing
  • I was very impressed by the Bloody Mary
  • Mongolian beef was sticky and flavorful

Shanghai Garden Restaurant: 8/10

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