Sip. *at the wine bar and restaurant*

It was a special Saturday night and it’s always hard to come up with a new and exciting place to eat! Sip is a restaurant that is in the Highlands of Issaquah, WA. A fancy but comfortable vibe fills the restaurant and a massive collection of wine bottles fills more than an entire wall. Can that be in my house, please? Beck? Build me a wine cellar? Better yet, buy me a vineyard. In Napa Valley. Or, better yet, in Italy. Yeah. Then I’ll be set. But then I’ll need my own farm. With cows and goats so we can make our own cheese to enjoy with the wine we’ve just made. SO MANY DREAMS, SO LITTLE WINE!

Anyways, we were seated with menus but also with an iPad that had a special app for their wine and drink selections. How FANCY! But with all these wine choices, how do you actually MAKE a choice? We know what we like but I prefer to have a little more guidanceĀ  from the restaurant staff itself when it comes to the daunting task of choosing your bottle of dinner wine.


Sip’s general manager, RJ Minard came to our table and reviewed the wine list and menu with us and let me just say, that all four of us were astounded by his knowledge of the wine and entree items. His credentials are HIGHLY impressive and Melissa and I could have listened to him talk about food and wine all day. It was a great insight into what they offer and how their menu is prepared. I wish I could remember everything he said. It was VERY impressive.

Our server did take quite a long time to get back to our table to take our order after RJ had visited. We were very antsy to get our wine and order our exquisite entrees.

We decided to get 2 bottles of wine (of course) and try two different flavors. A Cabernet based blend and a Merlot based blend. I can pretend to be a wine connoisseur all I want but let’s face it, I just love to drink a glass. or 2. or the whole bottle. or 50.

Forgive these hideously-lighted pictures but everything was SO good:


This was my delicious jambalaya. Perfectly seasoned with spices and that creole flavor, all aspects of the meat and mussels were melt in your mouth good. The only downers, were that it didn’t come out hot, only warm. Sadly, the rice was also undercooked. That didn’t stop the flavors from shining through, though! I still scarfed it all down.


This was Michael’s Draper Valley Organic Chicken. Fresh local breast stuffed with black truffles and parmigiano-reggiano, wrapped in prosciutto and served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, wilted spinach, and a garlic butter sauce. This was MIGHTY tasty. I would order it, myself!


Melissa ordered Sablefish with garlic mashed potatoes and my gaw was it good. So light and perfectly cooked. *come to mama*


Our three entrees were brought out at once but Beck’s battered cod with pomme frites was not quite ready. RJ revisited us and said he didn’t want him to sit with nothing in front of him, so he brought him a complimentary cup of french onion soup and BOY OH BOY was it luscious. His fish was absolutely to die for, as well. The second you put it in your mouth it melted. So creamy and mouthwatering. He was not, however, impressed with his frites. He expected them to be crispier than they were (and as RJ described them) but he said they were just regular fries. Nothing spectacular.

Evening Downers:

  • Our server took at least 15 minutes to notice us again in order for us to place our wine and dinner orders. She was also foreign and whispered everything she said, making it even more difficult to understand her.
  • My dish was not hot coming out of the kitchen, only slightly warm.
  • My rice was very undercooked.
  • Beck was sad he was not impressed by these much raved about frites. They were just regular, salted fries.

Evening Highlights:

  • The atmosphere at *Sip.* was on point.
  • The attention given to us by the general manager was flawless and much appreciated.
  • Our wine choices were impeccable.
  • The overall tastiness and adoration for our dinners was extraordinary.

We had a fantastic time at Sip.

Sip. *at a wine bar and restaurant*: 8.5/10

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