Snoqualmie Brewery & Taproom


A perfect rainy afternoon lunch! Who doesn’t want a nice meal and tall, cold beer. Well, besides me because I don’t do beer. Never have I ever had more than a sip of it here or there. The acquired taste is just that. Acquired. But not for me! I’ll stick my wine and vodka. Not together, of course. Mmmmmm I’m thirsty now.

The location for this brewery is in a very interesting spot, tucked away in the town of Snoqualmie. Hence the name…but a neat place once we walked inside!

They had an upstairs with what looked like karaoke weekly trivia equipment, but also tvs around and small bar for their beer selection.

A couple was seated before us and the seating host came back to the host stand…without greeting us and was awkwardly organizing menus. Until about 15 seconds went by when I said “There’ll be two of us”. Oooookayyyy…? Anyways, not a stellar way to be greeted (or not greeted) as new customers. Our waiter was very friendly, a mountain man with a beard. I asked if they had Bloody Marys (duh) and he said they don’t have any hard liquor. Curses! But that’s okay. Beck got a specialty seasonal beer called Spring Fever and he thought it was delicious! Until I saw a promo flyer on the edge of our table offering two different types of wine. I wonder why, when I asked about a bloody, our server didn’t suggest the wine selection that had, only that they had some great beers. I got his attention to order a Chardonnay, and I could tell he felt silly for not mentioning that they also had wine. I should’ve known, most taprooms that offer only beer usually have wine on hand, as well.

photo 1 (3)

I looked at the menu before hand and knew I was craving a nice, big SALAD. Mmmmmm. When we walked in, Beck saw another table eating some kind of meatball sandwich. He scoured the menu for it, but nothing including meatballs was listed. Our server came back to take our order, and we inquired about the meatball sandwich someone else was eating, but we don’t see it on the menu. He mentioned that that was one of their specials today. Why didn’t he tell us about the specials before hand? Who knows.

photo 3 (3) photo 4 (2)

I do have to say, my salad was excellent. I didn’t realize the chicken would be breaded and not grilled. But I liked it better that way anyway. I also didn’t realize that by “it comes with tortilla chips” didn’t mean some strips piled on top, but a whole side of actual chips. The avocado was fresh and the black bean-pico de gallo was flavorful and salty. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Beck’s meatball sandwich came with BBQ chips. He said it was delicious but I thought it was too herb-ie. Too much basil and oregano for me. The sandwich looks big in the picture, but Beck finished before I ate my 3rd bite of salad. It was definitely not big enough.

Afternoon Disappointments:

  • Seating host was not welcoming
  • Beck and I were the proactive ones with our server instead of the other way around. I had to ask about wine and also inquire about the specials

Afternoon Highlights:

  • Fun, inviting atmosphere
  • Great, house-brewed beer
  • Fresh, DELICIOUS salad

Snoqualmie Brewery & Taproom: 8.5/10

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