Sunset Alehouse

Atmosphere: 2/2
Service: 3/3
Food: 2.5/5

Total: 7.5/10

So my best friend moves here in a little under a month and while she was visiting this week…she got an offer on the job she has been wanting here in downtown Seattle! This is VERY exciting and of course we had to celebrate! Nothing too extravagant or pricey, so her and I (along with Beck and Mike) agreed on Sunset Alehouse in downtown Issaquah. The perfect place to grab some drinks, bar food, and watch the first preseason Seahawks game!

Beck and I arrived first and were greeted by a fun and loud environment filled with Seahawk fans and beer lovers. It was almost identical to the feel of the Issaquah Brewhouse right across the street. The perfect place to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable evening. Our server was pleasant and on top of all our drinks and orders. Beck ordered queso with chips and salsa to start off our gluttonous evening which was a good choice to start off with, as well as a Mac & Jack’s beer. I counted down the seconds to receiving my spicy hot bloody.


Man oh man, it did not disappoint. This was a thick, peppery, and extremely spicy bloody. I could taste a hint of lemon juice intermixed with a hint of olive juice. I could’ve had a dozen of them. Melissa always uninvitedly attempts to take my olive garnish but this time, I willingly let her have them and after she ate one and realized it had soaked in the spicy mix, she was set in a panic. For one reason or another, she detests anything spicy. HOW can you hate spicy food?! The spice and the heat is what gives it flavor!!! I love things to be so hot that they singe my tongue off. Just give me a jalapeno and Sriracha to dip it in and I’m in literal hell heaven.

South Hill Haymaker burger with bacon, tillamook® cheddar, adams® creamy peanut butter, and pickled jalapeños.

Sunset Grinder which was a toasted baguette with pepperoni, salami, ham, proscuitto, parmesan, provolone, peperoncinis, tomatoes and balsamic dressing.

3-piece halibut fish and chips – halibut coated in an in-house beer batter with crispy panko breading. Served with fries, baja slaw, and tartar sauce.

Chili Verde – pork slow braised in tomatillos, spices, herbs & lime. Served with borracho black beans, dancing Spanish rice, radish, sour cream, guacamole, roasted jalapeño, and flour tortillas.

The South Hill Haymaker was overcooked. Mike said he might’ve also enjoyed it a little better if something besides generic Skippy peanut butter was used. It was definitely not a burger that he’d go out of his way to get again. Melissa’s sandwich, on the other hand, was very tasty. As tasty as any sandwich with all those cured meats could be! Oily and SALTY! I loooove salami. And my new/current obsession are peppocinis. Gimme a cereal bowl and a spoon with those babies. The fish that came with Beck’s fish and chips were a big let down, too. The 3 piece halibut was a whopping $17…and the fish was as dry as dessert sand. Definitely no Herfy’s where we can get a 5 piece cod and fries for $12 and they’re the best fish and chips around. Except for those fish and chips we had at the Issaquah Brewhouse a couple weekends ago. Those were damn tasty. These didn’t make the cut, especially for $17. I was dying for a burger but I have also been wanting some killer Mexican food lately (since our fav place around here isn’t convenient). The fact that they had chili verde on the menu was a deal breaker! However, my excitement soon turned to calm as I saw and taste tested everything in front of me. Only 1/4 of the giant plate was mediocre chili verde while the other 3/4 was bland black beans, uninspired Spanish rice, and a much bigger-than-needed helping of lettuce, diced radish, and pico with an unnecessary charred jalapeno on top. It was as boring as boring gets, unfortunately. I want my chili verde seasoned and aromatic; spicy with tomatillo and jalapeno seeds. Maybe I got spoiled all of college when I could get El Mazcal chili verde whenever I wanted. That it the best flippin’ chili verde on planet earth. *mouth is watering*

All in all, I’d give Sunset Alehouse another try because the atmosphere was fun and enjoyable…but only for Sunday brunch and to see if their eggs benedict is any good. I’ll try a bloody, a BLT, and an eggs benny anywhere-any time. 3 of my favorite things. But if we want to go somewhere around downtown Issaquah where we know the food is stellar and the atmosphere is just as good, then we’ll stick to Issaquah Brewhouse.

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