The Beach Cafe


Atmosphere: 2/2
Service: 3/3

Food: 2/5

Total: 7/10

I love a new restaurant on a Friday night!!!

We decided to give the Beach Cafe in Kirkland a go because I had got several free appetizer coupons from the “Kirkland Uncorked” wine and food festival.

We pulled up to the beautiful Kirkland waterfront and the location of this restaurant is just to die for. 30 feet from the water with a slight breeze blowing, we were seated outside and I could have sat on the patio forever! It was mystical. Our server came up right away and took our drink order and also our free appetizer order. A bowl of clam chowder and a bloody/rum & coke.

Our server, Yegor, was really excellent. He struck up conversation with us right away and even had an interest in bloody mary’s and told me where I could get the best one around town! *Tipsy Cow*, I’m coming for you. He was very attentive and kept on top of all his tables. Very personable and interested!

imageimageThis clam chowder was righteous. Herby and creamy w/ a toasty piece of garlic bread. It was apparently an age old recipe and you could tell that it was a house favorite. It really was excellent. But I can’t say the same for this Bloody Mary. I had dreams of one all day long as I usually do on Fridays. And every other day of the week when I’m not drinking one. But, first, there was no garnish. As much as I’d love to bump up points for the intense salt rim…it still didn’t replace my need or want for an olive or pickled veggie of some kind. Definitely under flavored and watered down. Way too much lime juice. I’ve had worse but I’ve obviously had much, much better. I drank it, regardless.

As for our entrees…we were both pretty disappointed. *womp womp*

For me, it was a toss up between the seafood mac n’ cheese with shrimp and salmon, or my personal favorite, fish tacos. Mahi mahi tacos, to be exact! I chose the latter because the table across from us had gotten them and they looked so colorful and tasty! Beck was debating between the steak salad or the fish and chips (his personal fav). He couldn’t bring himself to (and I couldn’t let him) buy a $10 salad and then add a steak on top for $12 more. NO ONE should pay $22 for a salad, I don’t care if Julia Child made it for you. The markup on a bowl of lettuce with a few toppings (including a 6 oz. piece of protein is 10 zillion dollars. Just think of how many groceries you can buy with $22. A LOT. But I digress.

Beck wanted to go with the fish and chips because he was still so enamoured by the ones he had at Issaquah Brewhouse, he wanted to compare and see if these were at all as good.





I’m still left fumbling over how to describe these mahi mahi tacos. First, the salsa on the side was marvelous. I love a good salsa. But…these tacos…left me with furrowed eyebrows. I was so confused by them and still am. The corn tortillas were lathered with some kind of pablano crema then layered with arugula which is strange because I do not pair peppery arugula with a tangy (or what I hope to be tangy) fish taco. The mahi mahi was way over cooked. No creaminess to this fish, whatsoever and the mixture of red, yellow, and pablano peppers with cherry tomatoes was bland and tasteless. Plus, cherry tomatoes do not belong on a taco. Any kind of taco. They are too sweet for the subtle fish and are just not the proper texture like a regular garden tomato is. It was an all around strange taco. I’d never had one like it before and I know I won’t get them again.

Beck’s fish and chips were also less than mediocre *insert Melanie Smooder comeback from Sweet Home Alabama*. The herbed, Panko crust was battered on so thick, you couldn’t taste the cod at all. The batter was more suitable for some fried green tomatoes, as it was way too heavy and dense for a light and flaky fish like cod. His sweet potato fries were more like matchstick fries. Nothing special there, either. The 2 points I’ve given The Beach Cafe for food, basically all comes from the clam chowder at the beginning of our meal. And that salsa that came with mine.

The Beach Club’s saving grace was its location. That front row seat on the waterfront just unbeatable. If you’re looking for a beautiful evening to spend with your family or a loved one and don’t really care if your food is good or not, give the Beach Cafe in Kirkland, WA a try. That wasn’t passive or anything.


Ps. Check out this boat’s name. Is there a more brilliant and selfless man than the one who named this yacht? 😏 my kind of man.

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