The Metropolitan Grill

We’ve both heard FAbulous reviews about the “The Met” from friends and coworkers alike so I was very excited that Beck had made reservations here for our 1 year anniversary! We love our steak and potatoes.

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We arrived at The Met after being slightly confused about the parking situation for the restaurant. Finding parking at downtown restaurants/venues/shops/bars always gives me a panic attack. Why must it be so difficult and why must parking garages/valet services suck so bad? But I digress. We made it to our 5 o’clock reservations and were ready to gorge on steakhouse goodness!

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The atmosphere inside The Met is that of a 1930s steakhouse. It still had the ambiance and decor of a joint where someone like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack would hang out. Just my style!

There were SO many staff members, it was clear that this place has no shortage of workers for a busy Saturday night. We were seated and immediately greeted by our server (who just happened to be from the Kansas City area!) and a wine specialist. Beck and I love a wine here in the PNW called “14 Hands”. It’s a crisp Merlot that is not too dry but not too sweet, perfect for both our palates. Listen to me, I’m a professional wine connoisseur. They didn’t appear to have it in their wine menu of 82756726 wines, but the wine specialist suggested one similar:

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It was just as delicious as the 14 Hands and just what we wanted.

To start, we ordered the fried calamari served with roasted red pepper aioli.

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THIS was by far my favorite item of the night (besides the wine). These little babies are like candy to me. I’d rather have a plate of this fried calamari than a bag of M&Ms or an ice cream sundae. There were just like one of my favorite appetizers back home called the Wild West Shrimp at Longhorn Steakhouse. They were salty, crispy, and spicy. Dipped in the aioli they were even better. These little gems of edible gold were placed on top a bed of pickled peppers which I LOVE to snack on, too. I ate 75% of this plate. Beck was probably disturbed by how fast I shoveled these in my mouth.

Our entrees took quite a long time to come out. Thankfully, we were asked ahead of time if we had any time restraints, just so we were aware that dinner would take a while. But who minds after I had just filled up on calamari and had the most handsome man on planet earth to stare at in front of me…?

Beck ordered the 12 oz. New York Strip Steak with garlic mashed potatoes and I ordered the Steakhouse Chicken: Herb roasted half chicken, wild mushroom cream sauce and served with autumn vegetables and Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. I subbed the mashed potatoes for a baked potato.

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I will say, Beck’s steak was delicious. Seasoned well and cooked just how he wanted it. The potatoes were great, too!

The mushroom cream sauce drizzled beneath my chicken was to die for. The chicken itself was flavorful, but very fatty. My baked potato lacked creaminess and the outside was not salted like restaurant baked potatoes are supposed to be. Also, if you can tell, my “autumn vegetables” consisted of a single, severely undercooked carrot and single pearl onion. What??? Where are these “autumn vegetables”??? Big disappointment.

In all honesty, Beck and I agreed that we would rather have a steak dinner at Melrose Grill in Renton, WA. They accept his Prime discount card (which gets us a COMPLIMENTARY steak dinner) and their prices are much more reasonable. We can EACH have a drink, a salad, and a steak dinner for under $80 plus tip. Whereas The Met was more than double that plus tip. It was a delicious dinner but we suggest heading over to Melrose Grill if you want an EXCEPTIONAL steak that is not overpriced.

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The Metropolitan Grill: 9/10

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