Tipsy Cow

Atmosphere: 2/2
Service: 2.8/3
Food: 5/5

Total: 9.8/10

Have you ever had a meal so delicious that you think about it for days on end after you have it? Hopefully you’ve had many! I know I have…and 2 of those great food memories were elk ribs at The Cascades Restaurant at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado and the baked cannelloni at Carmen’s Cafe in Overland Park, Kansas (also in Brookside of KCMO). I’ll have to do a whole post on those dishes alone! Plus many more of my favorites.

I mention great meals I’ve had because the Tipsy Cow in Redmond, WA went above and beyond my expectations this past Friday. A server of Beck and I’s at the Beach Cafe told us where we can get a REALLY good bloody mary…at the Tipsy Cow. I’ve been wanting to try this place for over a month and finally, this Friday, me and a couple girlfriends all got to try it out for the first time together! You probably notice that .2 points are “docked” from the overall scoring for the Tipsy Cow, but this is only because of the hour long wait we had to endure. However, I don’t always necessarily look at a long wait as a bad thing. The place must be stupendous if people are crowding in here to eat and wait that long for a spot! We were starving but we willingly stuck around for the hour or so wait time and it was more than worth it.

We were so hungry while we waited, we couldn’t do much else but count down the minutes until we could potentially get seated. But once we were seated at a booth in the bar, I was really able to take in the urban decor and design of this place. It reminded me of Blanc Burger back home but with a more rustic touch. A really neat atmosphere to enjoy a drink and a burger. My friend Brittany got a Very Berry Milkshake (w/ vodka), my friend Brook got a specialty cocktail called the “Huck-N-Palmer” with Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, 44 North Huckleberry Vodka, blueberries, lemonade and a splash of soda (I got this as a 2nd drink!)


I got this delicious beauty:


I will admit, though. I’m getting a little tired of only having 2 olives and a lime wedge for a bloody mary garnish. The last 4 or 5 I’ve had…that’s all there’s been. But I digress. This bloody mary was really excellent. Tangy with a crushed lemon wedge at the bottom and extra spicy with pepper and a house-made bloody blend.

I’m also not a fan of ice cream or malts/milkshakes. But I do have to say…that berry milkshake was a game changer. I miraculously didn’t force Brittany to share it with me. I let her enjoy it in peace =]. All drinks were d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

For our burrrrrrrrrrrrrrgers, Britt and Brook both got the Chicken Scratch Burger w/ Draper Valley chicken breast w/ Boar’s Nest Sweet n’ Tangy BBQ sauce, blue cheese, avocado, bibb lettuce, tomato, and tipsy sauce (a horseradish aioli). They both could not get enough of it. I think I saw both of them lick their little tray clean.


I, on the other hand, licked the table clean. I ordered the Winemaker Burger w/ a 7oz custom ground grass fed beef patty, triple cream brie, alfalfa sprouts, sauteed portobello mushrooms (I substituted these instead of caramelized sweet onions), and white truffle aioli. I’ve never experienced a hamburger so rich and so satisfying. The brie was oozing off the sides, intertwining with mushrooms at the same time. The white truffle aioli was coating the crunchy sprouts perfectly and all combined with an unnecessarily enormous bite oh the meat…… was euphoric, my friends. I sat at the table and could barely compose myself of the excitement I had for the deliciousness of this burger.I am obsessed. I couldn’t get enough of the french fries, either. A light garlic and season salt over top of them dipped in their zesty homemade ranch. Ohmygawwwwwwww Brook and I would’ve asked for a straw to drink it if that wouldn’t be frowned upon.

IMG_1356 IMG_1361 IMG_1363Our server was prompt and friendly, as was the GM who was coming around checking on tables and cleaning up after those that had left. Very accompanying and relaxing.


I’m extremely anxious for the next time I get to shove this gooey, salty, delightful mess in my face. For a “convenient burger craving”, I still love our local favorite, Herfy’s. But if the Tipsy Cow was closer and easier to park at/had less of a wait time, I’d prefer the Winemaker Burger –any–time I want a burger.

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