Urban Table KC

Do you follow a restaurant on Instagram that you’ve never been to but the food looks so amazing that you’d give¬†anything to go? That’s how I’ve felt about Urban Table KC. I didn’t know anything about Urban Table before I moved to Seattle but I somehow discovered them after I did. That’s why, I knew when I went home next time, that I needed to experience that food of which they always beautifully posted.

The PERFECT time go was before Melissa and I went to the West Bottoms for a day of shopping! She’s so effing impatient about deciding where to eat…actually, it’s me who is impatient. Oops. Urban Table is also in Prairie Village?! What?! I had always assumed it was downtown or in the Food District/Crossroads of Kansas City. I couldn’t believe it was so much closer and convenient! We arrived on a BEAUTIFUL blue sky day and I, of course, immediately got excited. I WAS FINALLY THERE and let me tell you. If I were to ever own a restaurant, the vibe and decor would be identical to Urban Table. My word was it was beautiful. The colors and the “urban” country feeling throughout their walls hangings, table pillows, and how they present the¬†bill in an old tattered novel was BRILLIANT! I was stunned at how inviting and bright it was.

Their menu was stupendous and had the typical “farmhouse” specials, how could I possibly make a decision?! To start off, we of course got Bloody Marys and they were MUCH needed and VERY delicious. Mmm.


I painstakingly finally made the decision to order the corned beef hash. I wanted everything else, too! However, I made the right decision! A bed of fingerling potatoes (I think) mixed with a spicy tomato sauce and topped with my favorite meat in the world, caramelized onions, and scrambled eggs. SO TASTY!!!!!!


Melissa ordered an egg white omelet with turkey inside and pico de gallo on top and toast on the side. Now THAT was tasty, too. SO flavorful!!!


GREAT service, GREAT atmosphere, GREAT day! I can’t wait to go back in the summer and try something new!


Urban Table KC: 9.5/10


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