Wildfin American Grill

It was our final dinner together! While my best friends visited, we did so many things and were so exhausted by the last night, that we decided it was smartest to go out and eat locally instead of go on another adventure back to downtown Seattle.

Beck and I had eaten at Wildfin once before, for brunch w/ The Drunken Tomato and we both thought it to be reeeeeeeeeally good. Our friend brought up Wildfin and we were all in! Very close to home and they had something everyone wanted.

Our menu consisted of the following (please forgive me for the generic menu descriptions, there was a lot of us and a lot of food!):


Crab and Prawn Cakes: Alaskan crab and Pacific prawns served with smoky corn, cucumber and avocado slaw lightly dressed with Greek cucumber yogurt.

Smoked Salmon Dip: Alder smoked Fraser River salmon lightly dressed with Greek yogurt, lemon, capers and dill. Served with grilled artisan bread and crisp sweet gherkins.

^^^Both were delicious. With there being 6 of us, we were slightly bummed that there were only 2 crab cakes on the appetizer plate, but we all managed. They really were worth it! As for the smoked salmon dip, it was delicious, too. Served with crusted bread and tossed with salty capers and diced red onion. The downer: it seemed like something insanely simple to make at home.


Smoked Salmon BLT: Crisp iceberg, tender spinach and crisp croutons, drizzled with avocado dressing and topped with crisp cucumber, crisp bacon, ripe avocado, sweet grape tomatoes and house smoked Fraser River salmon.

^^^This salad was my entree and it was deliiiiiicious. A huge pile of smoked salmon on top of fresh spinach and diced avocado. Everything you’d want in a BLT sandwich, except the bread, of course! I’d definitely get it again.


New Orleans Fettucini: Zenners andouille sausage, shrimp, chicken breast, spicy jambalaya sauce and green onions. Hot and a spicy!

^^^Beck had this and I swear he ate it in under 5 minutes. I barely got my fork in there in time to give it a taste. Great flavor with a spicy tomato base!


Grilled Ribeye Sandwich: Grilled Midwest corn fed 28 day aged ribeye steak served on a toasted Dutch Crunch roll with a creamy blue cheese, grilled red onions, thick grilled tomato and balsamic dressed arugula.

^^^I didn’t have any of the sandwich but from the looks of it, it was enjoyed VERY much. Tender and juicy, just what any man needs if he’s craving a big, hearty, meaty sandwich.

Wildfin Street Tacos: A Caribbean Jerk Chicken taco and a Blackened Ahi Tuna taco.

^^^My friend raved about how good these were, well after we had left the restaurant. I can’t wait to go back and try some! They have 5 varieties and you can get however many you want from 1 to 500. (tacos in below picture)

Seared Ahi Salad x2: Wild line caught sesame crusted yellowfin, wasabi ginger dressing, arugula, edamame, spring radish, daikon sprouts, macadamia nuts, bean sprouts and cilantro.

^^^Both girls who had this salad said it was divine. I’m not even a big fan of ahi, but the more I try it off of other peoples’ plates…the more I like it. The one downer: the carrots were awkward to eat and there was a surprise plethora of crunchy Chinese noodles under the under the bed of arugula. The girls said they didn’t care for so many, but that the salad as a whole was FAB!


Caesar Salads x2

^^^Beck said this was nothing special. Not enough dressing and not enough flavor.

+ some beers all around =]

I’m mad at myself that I didn’t get pictures of every dish we ate. I guess we were just too hungry to wait around while I took one! Service throughout our dinner was good, our food was great, and the atmosphere was clean and kept. However, at the end of the meal, our server brought us one giant bill without asking if we needed or wanted anything split up. I thought it was customary for a server to ask a table that clearly is a bunch of friends out for a meal, how they wanted their checks. Not a big deal, but it took a little while to track her back down and get it sorted out.

We were all very impressed with Wildfin and would recommend anyone in the Issaquah, WA area give it a try!

Wildfin American Grill: 9/10

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  1. Everything on here sounds amazing! Next time we’re in Issaquah, we’re going to have to try it. 🙂

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